Work History


From 2016 to 2020 I worked for the G-Node (GitHub/G-Node) at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Brief descriptions of all G-Node projects can be found on the G-Node projects page.

My work consists of maintaining and developing the following projects:


GIN is a data hosting platform based on GOGS, an open source hosted Git service. Our implementation adds support for versioning data using Git-annex. It supports versioning, collaboration, indexing and search, and publication of scientific data.

We also provide a command line client (GIN CLI) that simplifies common Git and Git-annex operations.


NIX is an open source format and library for storing neuroscientific data. The main reference implementation is called NIXIO. NIXPy is a Python implementation of the reference spec.

NIX also serves as one of the storage backends for NEO, a package for representing electrophysiology data in Python. The Neo NIX I/O creates a route for raw data in various proprietary and open formats to be converted to the open NIX format via the NEO data structures.

Research & Education


I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus. My research area is Computational Neuroscience and specifically Neural Coding. My doctoral thesis, titled Understanding the neural code through exploration of the causes of firing is available from the “GNOSIS” Repository of the University of Cyprus.


My background is in Computer Science (BSc) and Intelligent Systems (MSc). I obtained both degrees from the School of Computer Science of the University of Birmingham.


Journal Papers

2016. Koutsou, A., Kanev, J., Economidou, M., and Christodoulou C. Integrator or Coincidence Detector — What shapes the relation of stimulus synchrony and the operational mode of a neuron? Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 13(3), 521-535. doi:10.3934/mbe.2016005

2015. Koutsou, A., Bugmann G., and Christodoulou C. On learning time delays between the spikes from different input neurons in a biophysical model of a pyramidal neuron. Biosystems, 136, 80-89. doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2015.08.005

2013. Koutsou, A., Kanev, J., and Christodoulou C. Measuring input synchrony in the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck neuronal model through input parameter estimation. Brain Research, 1536, 97-106. doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2013.05.012

2012. Koutsou, A., Christodoulou, C., Bugmann, G. and Kanev, J. Distinguishing the Causes of Firing with the Membrane Potential Slope. Neural Computation, 24 (9), 2318-2345. doi:10.1162/NECO_a_00323

Conference Proceedings

2009. Koutsou, A. and He, S. Study of ants’ traffic organisation under crowded conditions using individual-based modelling and evolutionary computation. Proceedings of IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2009 (CEC ‘09), 3330-3337. doi:10.1109/CEC.2009.4983367

(Old) Research Code

Simulations and data analysis

Most of the code I have written for my research and publications can be found on my GitHub page. The code is separated into multiple repositories, all of which are organised as submodules of a general research repository.


Spikerlib is a Python (2.x) library of tools and functions for spiketrain analysis. Some features of the library depend on the Brian simulator (ver. 1x).

This library is outdated and abandoned. Any issues or incompatibilities will likely never be resolved.